Jul. 22nd, 2016

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Как и следовало ожидать, поляки не пошли на компромисс с совестью ради "нежелания обострять взаимоотношения с Украиной"

Польский Сейм проголосовал почти единогласно при 10 воздержавшихся:

" the Sejm - pursuant to a resolution - sets July 11 as the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Genocide committed by the Ukrainian nationalists on the citizens of the Second Republic. Parliament gives it a tribute to "all citizens of the Second Republic brutally murdered by Ukrainian nationalists."

"As a result, committed during the 1943-1945 genocide were murdered over a hundred thousand citizens of the Second Republic, mainly peasants. Their exact number is still not known, and many of them still did not live a dignified burial and commemoration" - for, among others, such a formulation agreed to MPs. "Victims of crimes committed in the 40s by Ukrainian nationalists so far not been duly commemorated and mass murders have not been named - according to historical truth - called genocide"

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